Did you know Kudzu and Company has soda made from vintage recipes and with pure cane sugar! Our Washington State supplier has obtained historical recipes and bottles all of your childhood favorites. One such flavor is Moxie-

“Moxie is the oldest continuously produced soft drink in the United States. Established in 1876 it was originally known as Moxie Nerve Food. It was claimed to be effective against “paralysis, softening of the brain, nervousness, and insomnia”. A few years later, soda water was added to the formula, which is the iconic soda we have come to know and love as Moxie. With it’s unique and somewhat bitter flavor, Moxie is unlike any drink on the market. Produced in our facility in Mukilteo, WA.”

We invite you to stop by either of our Atlanta stores to sip a cool one while checking out some really incredible vintage and antique items. Don’t let your brain get soft, shop Kudzu and Company and drink Moxie!